Screen shot 2013-11-06 at 7.02.23 PMIt seems to me that the older I get the more I desire laughter in my life.  I mean, we (by we ,I mean I) sometimes can take life too seriously! Where is the fun in life anymore? Remember when you were a kid and you had those spontaneous belly laughs? Sure, I schedule some time to get away with family and play. I make a phone call to a friend and chuckle over a silly thing that had happened.  I buy tickets to stand up comedies and laugh it out.  My husband and I often get together with friends, sit around the dinner table, tell stories and laugh. All great times, for sure.

But what about in everyday life? What about in the mornings while everyone is hustling to get to school and work? What about in the pick up line at school? What about at the post office? What about at work?  I think  it should be mandatory that the first thing we do at work Monday morning; we turn the music up and Dance!  Imagine Diane doing her high knee side step and Paul booty shaking down to the floor. Eddie busting his side to side kick with his upper lip held down by is lower teeth. Wow, shit just got real, right? I’d want to be in that office. Even if it is just for a couple minutes into the beat of “Push It” or  Billy Idols,”Dancin with myself”. (alright now I’ve aged myself)

Life can be complicated. We can be bogged down by the mundane. Feel overwhelmed by our responsibilites. Put too much on our plates. (yep, me) We distract ourselves with multitasking and social media and to do lists and full calendars and deadlines and and and and …. Why not! Why not, just add a little laughter to our days. Play jokes on our coworkers, hug a stranger, shoot someone a kind text. Sure, get work done. Check things off of our to do lists but do them after a good’ol dance session of the running man or the sprinkler. I mean, why not? Hey, you can even moonwalk to the breakroom to fill up your coffee mug. (that reads, “is it Friday yet?”)  You see, I  have a choice. I can drag through my days doing stuff and getting things ‘taken care of’  or I can choose to have some fun and play while doing them. I will call it Plork! (Play/work)

I don’t do New Years resolutions. But I did set an intention for 2014 . My intention is to choose more happiness and stop doing things that don’t lead me to that happiness.  No more. I’m Done. Finished. Let me explain… That is not to say that I don’t have to do things that I’d rather not do… It simply means that I can do them with a different perspective. Instead, I choose to laugh more. Find the Joy in life again. Get back to my playful self. Get back to living with a sense of humor. Drop my over-sense of responsibility.  Sure, I am challenged at times and  I have to remind myself that the opportunities to choose happy are always there. I can choose to look at a Monday with resistance and doom or I can put on a unicorn mask and pelvic thrust my way through it. My crappy attitude doesn’t stop Monday from following Sunday so how about I  give myself the opportunity to look at it differently. It is a choice. I challenge you to try it. Crank it up, dance. Post a joke on a strangers car door with a stickie note.  Kick-ball-change your way down the isle of the grocery store. Laugh at yourself. Play with others. Choose Joy. Choose Laughter. Choose Happy.

Speaking of Happy….HAPPY MONDAY!